Why Small Groups? 

Small groups are important. It is only in context of small groups that close relationships can develop. We believe people’s lives change when they enter a group where spiritual issues are discussed in the context of growing relationships.

The early church did not have church buildings to call their own, so they met in people's homes.  In the early "house churches", they would often meet over a meal. Both learning and depth of relationships are fostered best in smaller communities. 

Small Group Locations

We encourage you to get connected with one of our groups. There are groups located in the Kleinburg and Nobleton area. See events under "Programs" for dates.

Wednesday Evenings Men's Group 7pm to 8:30pm - Nobleton 
13 weeks segment focused on "The Helper" - a deeper study into the Holy Spirit.

This interesting session is hosted by James Lewis & Gary Hatt and will wrap up at the end of May.


Friday Mornings - once a month - All Welcome  - Cornerstone Church
Hosted by Sid Baller and has wrapped up for the season.

This past winter's topic was "The River of Fire" was enjoyed by all.  A fresh look at what we mean by the love of God and the wrath of God.

New sessions will begin in September 2023.  Check back in for more information as we often have excursions to various places in the GTA/Ontario to keep the groups' cohesiveness and fellowship strong!

To find out more on our small care groups, email, jlewis@signofexcellence.ca


Coming Soon - Exciting Women's Ministry hosted by Pat LeBuick.....check back in a few days for more information.